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Beyond Diabetes Nutrition | Virtual Counselling - Beyond Diabetes Nutrition - Lucy Zhang dietitian specializing in diabetes nutrition, digestive health, kidney disease, cancer

Virtual Dietitian Services

1:1 nutrition counselling and diabetes coaching from the comfort of your own home

Individual Sessions

Initial Consultation.png

Initial Consultation

60 Minutes

Comprehensive assessment of current nutritional needs and/or gaps in diabetes self-management, focusing on your health and nutrition priorities.


Together, we will discuss our options and next steps to develop a plan of action that best meets your needs.


I am here to provide the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to make sustainable change feasible.


Follow up.png

Follow Up

45 Minutes

Evaluation of progress towards your goals - we are here to celebrate the wins, discuss challenges and troubleshoot what is not working.  

I am here to provide accountability, assess progress, and provide support and strategies for next steps.

PLEASE NOTE: Follow ups are only available for clients who have previously booked an Initial Consultation.


Appointment Packages

Beyond Diabetes Nutrition - 3 Session Pa

3 Session Package

  • One 60 Minute Initial Consultation

  • Two 45 Minute Follow-Ups


Beyond Diabetes Nutrition - 5 session pa

5 Session Package

  • One 60 Minute Initial Consultation

  • Four 45 Minute Follow-Ups


Questions about insurance coverage? Check out the FAQ page.
Or contact me directly with your questions.

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