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Beyond Diabetes Nutrition - FAQ - Lucy Zhang Ontario dietitian Difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?

It depends on the province! In most provinces and territories in Canada, yes there is a difference.


"Dietitian" is a title that is protected by law across Canada, like physician, nurse and pharmacist. In Ontario, only Registered Dietitians can call themselves “dietitian” or “RD”. Dietitians are the only regulated nutrition profession in Ontario. This means we are accountable to a regulatory body (in this case, the College of Dietitians of Ontario) for safe, competent and ethical nutrition services. 


On the other hand, “Nutritionist” is not a protected title in Ontario. Anyone can legally call themselves a nutritionist and provide nutrition information. So while all dietitians can be considered nutritionists, not all nutritionists are dietitians. 


To learn more, check out this page from Dietitians of Canada.

What is a certified diabetes educator?

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a licensed health professional (e.g. dietitian, registered nurse, pharmacist) who has passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator’s Certification Board (CDECB) exam and maintains competence in diabetes care/management on an ongoing basis. 

Are dietitian services covered by OHIP?

Dietitian services through Beyond Diabetes Nutrition are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Are dietitian services covered by insurance?

If you have extended health benefits (e.g. through your employer), you may have insurance coverage for dietitian/nutritionist services. These benefits are often listed under paramedical services.

Check with your insurance provider to find out about your coverage. Ask about:

  • The annual coverage amount for dietitian/nutritionist services

  • Full versus partial coverage

  • When your plan resets

  • If there are any coverage limits for initial vs. follow up sessions

Are you able to bill my insurance company directly?

Direct billing is not available at this time. A detailed receipt will be provided after each appointment to support your insurance claim.

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